Within the mixer, put green dot which signals Snapshot modification next to strip plugins if that's what's modified

Just a simple suggestion that would make tracking down what snapshots are actually doing easier during refactors, etc.

Just to clarify, when should this dot appear? When the snapshot is active, or not? Only when viewing the snapshot, or when any snapshot is being viewed?

When you say to put it “next to strip plugins,” do you mean it should appear on the mixer strip next to the names of effects when effects are displayed on the mixer strips, or that it should appear on the headings of effects displayed in the deck when the mixer strip is selected?

Hey there—my understanding is that it shows up if anything having to do with the channel group is being affected by the selected snapshot. Following that, I would never want to see a green dot if I don’t have a snapshot selected. If a snapshot’s selected, I’d only want to see green dots corresponding to stuff affected by that snapshot, just like now.

I’m getting an error when uploading images to the forum right now, but here’s an imgur link. I think this works well!

Thanks for the clarification! I’ll add your suggestion to our feature and improvement tracker.