2.01 update of snapshot reference searching?


In 2.01 any time I want to check if a mixer group is referenced by some snapshots, it lists all the snapshots.
The only way I have right now to verify if the group is affected by any snapshot, is to check for the green-dot-notifier in mixer strip, for each subgroup, browsing through each snapshot. Huge waste of time :frowning:

I’ve already asked about this problem in one of the discord groups I’m in, and it seems to be fixed post 2.02.08.

Fixed issue where searching for snapshots in returns and VCAs would return too many results

Updating to new major version doesn’t seem realistic at this point in the project.

Do you plan to fix it in 2.01 or would that require some deeper changes that came with 2.02?
Or is there any way to fix it myself, like changing some line of code somewhere?

That was fixed in 2.01.17.

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I have no idea how I missed that one in revision history.