Workflow recommendation for a big project?

Hi there

Working on a big project with Legacy code mostly. I found that, currently, they add a FMOD related component, custom maybe, to a GO that they want to have sounds and this could be difficult to track in a big project, or Am I missing something?

What I was thinking is to have a centralized AudioManager and trigger sounds based on Events, in this way any time there is a need to work with SFX I don’t have to chase were the sound is being triggered.

I’m new to FMOD in general so maybe I am missing something in the workflow.

I think a central Audio Manager is a good idea for a large project- the concept of attaching individual components to Game Objects is supposed to be a non-coder-friendly way of doing things. If that is going to cause issues for you then by all means create an Audio Manager. Here is a Basic Scripting Example to get you started with scripting via the FMOD API.