Xbox One initialisation failed - no sound

Hi all- hope this is in the correct place as couldn’t find a console specific area:

When the game initialises in the Xbox One build it generates an error when the runtime manager tries to initialise. This happens on line 257 of RuntimeManager.cs when the studioSystem.initialise function is call. The result that the function returns is not FMOD.RESULT.OK and so the outputType is set to FMOD.OUTPUTTYPE.NOSOUND and the error message “[FMOD] Studio::System::initialize returned {0}, defaulting to no-sound mode.” gets displayed.
This error doesn’t happen when running the game in editor even though the platform is set to Xbox One.

Any help on this would be great and thanks all for looking!

Did you Disable Unity Audio in the project settings? On Xbox One only one system can use the audio device at a time, and if Unity’s audio is still enabled then FMOD will fail to initialize.


Amazing! Yes that has solved the issue thank you again :grinning: