3d panning too sensitive in game

hey guys
i am working on fmod sounds for the boeing 747-400 in x plane flight simulator. while in the sim, i’ve noticed that the 3d pan is extremely sensitive. for example, when i turn 90 degrees from a certain sound location, one ear becomes completely silent while the other is full volume. is there any way to make the pan less sensitive? thanks

note: the simulator uses version 1.08.18 and i can’t go any higher than that

I’m afraid we’ll need more information to determine the cause of this behavior. Specificially:

  • What distance (in FMOD distance units) are you from the event instance?
  • What is the value of the “sound size” and “min extent” properties of the event’s spatializer effect?
  • Is it the event instance that’s rotating on its axis, or the listener?

i don’t really understand, i was asking if there was an option that allows you to adjust how sensitive the panning is when you turn your head a different direction. as said before, when i moved my head 90 degrees from the sound location, it became completely silent in one ear.

this is the 747 cockpit. the sound is originating from the center screen. the listeners head is in the left seat.