3D sounds disappear with no reason in rare cases


I have a issue that I don’t understand. Sometimes in rare case, the 3D events disappear at the launch of a level, and we ear only 2D events, as if my Listener gone off (but no reason for that).

I don’t success to reproduce this bug, it seems to be random, but significant amount of people have this bug playing my game.

For information :

  • the bug seems to stay even if the player load another level.
  • in my scenes, there is only one Studio Listener (which is always on my character controller), and three Camera (but no enable at the same time).
  • i also use Resonance Audio plugin

Have you tried using the Studio Profiler? It may help to understand what is going on in the scene as it can show Event positions relative to the listener, as well as a number of other useful tools.