About sharing Profiler sessions/recordings


In the documentation (https://fmod.com/resources/documentation-studio?version=1.10&page=profiling.html) it’s mentioned that recorded profiler sessions can be shared to others by exporting them and then importing. Do I always have to include banks or sound assets in the export? I tried exporting the sessions without any boxes ticked and it didn’t work when my colleague tried to import it. What I would like to do is to just share the time line of events triggering.

So when he makes changes in fmod i could build the banks add them to the game, record a playing session and then send the session to him without having to send all the sounds with it. Is this possible in some way or what would you suggest to do? (Him having a build of the game to play and live connect to is not possible in our case because we are not making traditional input games)


The “Package Selection” when you right click on a saved recorded session should work, can you please let me know what exactly is happening when you say that it doesn’t work? I’ve been able to create a session and import it into the same project on a different machine with all boxes unchecked.