About the Unity and Unreal's built-in audio system

This is not a question about the Unity FMOD Studio plugin, but I just heard the Unity team recommended the MP3 format for iOS because it’s hardware-accelerated on the platform.
As far as I know, FMOD Studio ditched the hardware acceleration, but does the FMOD 5 support it?
If so, what are the recommended formats for Android devices with FMOD 5?

One more question.
I’m curious if Unreal is using FMOD as their built-in audio system as well.

FMOD 5 does support iOS-specific hardware acceleration of the mp3 encoding format via the FMOD Core API’s System::createStream.

We typically recommend using the FADPCM encoding format for mobile devices. It is a relatively lightweight format, and therefore well-suited to devices with limited resources.

The Unreal Engine’s built-in audio system is not FMOD-based.

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Silly me.
I meant FMOD 4 (FMOD Ex), not 5 (FMOD Studio)…
I heard Unity is using FMOD 4, so that’s why I asked the question.

It’s good to know FMOD 5 supports iOS-specific hardware acceleration of the mp3 encoding format.
Thanks for the info.
I thought all hardware-related code was removed including System::setHardwareChannels() and FMOD_HARDWARE.
Now I’m curious. What other formats and platforms are supported?

FMOD Ex supports iOS hardware acceleration of the mp3 encoding format in the same manner as FMOD 5. (In fact, FMOD 5’s support of that feature was inherited from FMOD Ex.)

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