Add option to turn on/off the FMod info console entries

Hi, I’m frequently writing code which causes rebuild and Fmod always clutters the console in Unity Editor with messages like:
FMOD Studio: Destroying editor system instance (EditorUtils.cs line 246)
FMOD Studio: Creating editor system instance (EditorUtils.cs line 254)
FMOD: Cache updated. (EventManager.cs line 318)

I’m sure there are more which I haven’t encountered yet. Could you please leave only the Errors without the option to turn them off from settings?

I am not sure what you mean by “without the option to turn them off from settings”. We do currently have functionality to disable everything except errors. If you set the Logging Level to “ERROR” in the FMOD Unity settings that will stop logs and warnings from coming up but still let errors come through.

These aren’t influenced by your setting. This is from the EditorUtils.cs:

        static void CreateSystem()
            UnityEngine.Debug.Log("FMOD Studio: Creating editor system instance");

            FMOD.RESULT result = FMOD.Debug.Initialize(FMOD.DEBUG_FLAGS.LOG, FMOD.DEBUG_MODE.FILE, null, "fmod_editor.log");

All three lines I indicated above are pure UnityEngine.Debug.Log calls circumventing your settings and relying on purely on Unity’s console setting. (FMOD for Unity 2.01.11)

I see~ I agree such messages should definitely be suppressed when you change the logging level. I’ve passed this along to the Dev team to see if they can make it respond to the desired logging level. In the meantime, not ideal, but any lines that are flooding your console you can add a simple check to query the logging level, e.g

if (Settings.Instance.LoggingLevel >= FMOD.DEBUG_FLAGS.WARNING)
    UnityEngine.Debug.LogWarning("FMOD Studio: Cannot open fmod_editor.log. Logging will be disabled for importing and previewing");

if(Settings.Instance.LoggingLevel >= FMOD.DEBUG_FLAGS.LOG)
    UnityEngine.Debug.Log("FMOD Studio: Creating editor system instance");
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