FMOD logging and debugging in Unity

Hello. We’re trying to implement sound using FMOD in our Unity project. Everything works fine while in Editor, although when we build an executable it sometimes fails to find any events, depending on the machine it’s run on. So we were looking for ways to enable some advanced FMOD logging but couldn’t find any. There’s DEBUG_LEVEL enum and debugLogFilename property in ADVANCEDSETTINGS struct but we couldn’t make them work. So how should we go about this?

Head to and download the full FMOD Studio windows API installer the matches the version of the integration you’re using.

Run the installer and copy fmodL.dll and fmodstudioL.dll to \Assets\Plugins\x86\

In \Assets\Plugins\FMOD\Wrapper\fmod.cs line 24, change the dll to “fmodL”.

EDIT: In \Assets\Plugins\FMOD\Wrapper\fmod_studio.cs line 22 change the dll to “fmodstudioL”.

System.setAdvancedSettings() needs to be called before System.init() so edit \Assets\Plugins\FMOD\FMOD_StudioSystem.cs and set your log filename before line 278. This is also a good place to call FMOD.Debug.Initialize so you can get the info about drivers, etc.

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Thanks, it really did help.