Add Resonance Audio Plug effects to events via FMOD Studio Scripting API?

My project uses Resonance Audio and I’m trying to automate some event creation. Specifically i’m trying to add Resonance Audio Sources to events, as opposed to the standard Spatialiser.

Is there a way to do this via scripting, or must it be done manually?

It is possible to do this with scripting, however an easier way would be to create a blank “spatialized” event and turn this into a Default event.

Thanks for the quick turnaround! I’ll try that out.

In case that doesn’t work, what’s the command for adding a Resonance Audio Source? Or would it have to be a plug in preset?

Hi, I’m struggling to figure out how to create a duplicate of the Default event from script - when I call studio.project.create(“Event”) it creates a blank 2D event, not an instance of the Default.

It currently isn’t possible to create a Default event via scripting, instead you need to create an event in the style that you need and just repeat that function for as many times as needed.

In regards to adding a plugin, you can try the following:

effectChain.relationships.effects.add(studio.project.workspace.createPlugin("Resonance Audio Source"));

Seems to work! Thank you.