Event instances grouping


I have a problem with my NPC event setup.
What I want to achieve is that one “container event” controls the volume of all the events for one NPC (so I don’t have to manually add parameters for each event). I understood that for this type of problem the best solution is grouping via mixer, but group will effect all NPC instances in the game, not one instance of it, am I right!?

Best, Koca

That’s more or less correct: A group bus creates a mix of all the inputs it receives from events and other buses, and adjusting the volume of that bus adjusts the volume of that mix. Each event must be routed into exactly one bus, so it’s impossible to route different instances of a single event into different group buses.

If you want to adjust the volume of some instances of a given event but not others, you must adjust the volume of those individual instances in your game’s code.