Multi Instrument event and issues in UE5

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Could you please help me in my problem?

I’m using an event and two single instruments inside it (each instrument on the separate track). I’m trying to turn on first track and after some event in UE, I’m trying to turn on the next one. I’m using a parameter which fade in the next track. When I play in FMOD fade in works, but in UE next track is turning on without fade in. To be honesty it works only at the start of event sequence, not in random part of it. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Or how to do that by different way?



Could I get a screenshot of the Event in your FMOD Studio project?

Can I see in Unreal how you are trying to play each of the instruments of the event?

Would it be possible to get a video showing this behavior: “When I play in FMOD fade in works”

Unfortunately, I cannot upload more than 1 file, so combined all screenshots into 1 file.

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Unfortunately, I was not able to reproduce the issue and was able to change my Fade In parameter.

Could you please collect a profiler capture while reproducing this issue in editor, then package your profiler session including banks (ticking the “Banks” option when exporting), and upload it to your FMOD Profile?

It may be an issue with trying to access an invalid event instance:

You know, when I press a key to start event and then immediately press the key to set parameter fade in works. I think it works only on start event but in middle of event if activate parameter it works without fade. Or it is can’t be like that?

When I reproduce blueprints as on your screenshot it activates the parameter immediately (on press key ‘1’), but I need to activate parameter only on press a key (key ‘2’).

I don’t know how to start capture in FMOD. When I start capture in FMOD Profiler and play the game in UE, it doesn’t capture the sound. CPU usage and others are changing after I start capture. If I use live update it same. Should I capture with this point and upload?


Apologies for the confusion.

Here is the updated blueprint:

With regards to capturing a profile, make sure that Live Update is enabled and connected to localhost

You should see the Live Update button turn green starting the project in the UE editor.

Hope this helps

I have connected to a game, started capture, reproduce the problem in UE.

I can’t upload to this site, because I can’t register a project because I’m not commercial, just hobbyist, it doesn’t allow me to upload with this point.

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Thank you for the project. Could you explain how the Fade In and Fade Out parameters affect the other audio tracks?

Have you had any luck using the update UE Blueprint?