Apple Silicon FMOD Unity support

Hello! Are there any plans for FMOD Unity lib to support Apple Silicon builds on macOS? If so, when can we approximately expect it?

Yes, we have API support for Apple Silicon in the works and when that’s ready that will extend to Unity too. As the version of Xcode required to produce these builds is still in beta we won’t have official support till that’s over. However I hope to have some preview builds in the coming weeks that people can try out.

That’s great news, thank you for your reply! :+1:

Early access build of Apple Silicon support in FMOD for Unity:
(removed - see official downloads)

Any issues, please comment here.

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Wow, that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing this build.

Is it possible to have this build for FMOD 2.01? We use it in our project.

Sure thing:
(removed - see official downloads)

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Thank you very much! We tried the package and the game runs on Apple Silicon well. We noticed lipo -archs on resonanceaudio.bundle gives x86_64 only but we don’t use it, so everything is working great in our case.

Excellent, glad to hear it. We are aware Resonance hasn’t been ported yet, that’s still a todo because it’s an external dependency.

Hi Mathew,
We are having the same issue.
I cannot download the package, the link is broken.
Where can i find it?


I have updated my posts in this thread to remove the broken links.
We officially support Apple Silicon now, you can get it from our Downloads page as part of the iOS package.