AssetLookup.uasset is broken and causing UE4 to crash on startup after building


I have a problem where after I build to UE4 it crashes on start-up every time, I’ve changed nothing except for the creation of some new events/assets and and adding those events to relevant VCA groups.

I’ve got the crash message here:

I am almost certain this is caused by the assetlookup.uasset file, because it was in my staging area on the git repo for the ue4 project as deleted, which I discarded and pushed and since then it cause loads of issues. Annoyingly, the fmod project file isn’t backed up through version control, so I will probably have to create a new studio project and migrate everything across, which is fine. But I would like to know more about what caused this and if there is a fix.

Thanks so much for your help!


I have been looking into a similar issue on this post FMOD causing UE4 crash at startup - #17 by jeff_fmod, I’ll follow these recovery steps and report back.