Assigning FMOD Events in Unity without installing FMOD Studio (Single Platform Build)

Hey everyone,

I am the programmer of a team of developers and my audio artist asked me to integrate FMOD into our Unity project. We are using Git and have two different repositories set up. One for the Unity Project and another one for the FMOD Project. We do not want to force everyone of the team to download the FMOD Project. Therefore, I added the plugin into Unity and setup FMOD using the “Single Platform Build” method as we are aiming towards Android. The audio artist than pushed the bank files into the Unity repository.

After pulling the banks on my end, Unity recognizes the new banks and imported them successfully. But when I now want to assign an event to an FMOD Studio Event Emitter, I get the error that FMOD Studio is not running. The documentation is not helping me at all, as they always assume that I have FMOD Studio installed.

Is it me that does not understand the design concept behind FMOD? Our planned workflow would be that the audio artists creates the sounds in FMOD Studio, exports the bank into the Unity repository and I assign them to the correct emitters.

Every clarification is highly welcomed.

Are you able to share the exact error code? And can you confirm that you have the FMOD menu appear in the top toolbar?

Sorry for answering that late. I was on vacation for a few days.

As I was going to take screenshots of the error message, I discovered that I obviously just misunderstood the UI.

Originally, I always tried to add an event using the plus button (marked in red) and this is the place where a new window appears telling me that FMOD Studio is not installed. Today, I pressed the magnifying glass (marked in green) by accident, and all events of the banks are listed nicely to pick from.

Sorry for the confusion.