Previous sounds continue playing as parameter is dragged up

Hi I’m creating engine sounds. When I drag my RPM parameter up, the previous engine sounds (ie. idle) continue playing on top of the next engine sound. How do I get the previous engine sound to stop once the following engine sound begins?

It depends on your setup! (screenshots welcome)
Maybe did you miss the “cut” button on the idle instrument.

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Thanks for the reply mate.

Here is a screenshot. Ive circled the 2 points of interest. At the top, I can’t get the files to overlap on the one layer. It creates another layer underneath. I noticed when I put them side by side on the same layer, it stops when the next one plays. How do I fade them across on the same layer? Thats how it’s happening in the tutorials ive been watching but cant seem to replicate it.

You can see the 2 playhead lines going through both files. the first one is still playing while the second has started.

At the bottom I have cut clicked, thanks for that! I didnt have it clicked before.

This is just your misunderstanding of how parameter sheets work. As long as the playhead overlap both instruments, you’ll hear both instruments, and it’s the normal way of implementing engine sounds. The fades you’ve set aren’t based on time, but on the RPM value (because it’s a parameter sheet, not a timeline).
Open the Exemples project, and look carefully at the events in the Vehicles folder.

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ah i see. thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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