Unreal Audio Visualisation with FMod


I’m trying to use built-in functions for sound visualisation in Unreal Engine.
There are 2: Calculate Frequency Spectrum and Get Amplitude.
Both are taking Sound Wave type and changing it into array of data I can use.
Problem with FMod is that any sound I’m using is used as FMod event and not a sound source anymore.
I couldn’t find any way to use those 2 things together. Do anyone have any idea how to do it?

Thanks a lot!

The two system’s don’t share the same data types, so you won’t be able to use FMOD Studio events in place of UE4 Sound Wave classes.

It seems possible to stitch the two things together somehow - you can add a custom FMOD DSP effect that receives a buffer of floating point data per mix. If you make a copy of the data, you might be able to pass that into the UE4 visualization somehow. It would be a fair amount of code though, and its not something we’re going to add to our integration any time soon.