Audio banks reimporting before each build

Hi there,

I’d appreciate if someone from the FMOD team could help me with this.

My team and I are noticing something odd and time consuming. Every time we build we see the dialog “Importing: Exemple.bytes” for each one of our binary bank files.


At the moment, it’s OK because it takes only about 1-2 mins, but we’re about to implement our audio localization system and that will make the number of banks explode. I’m worried to build time will be much longer.

Is there a reason for that reimport? Or are we potentially doing something wrong?

We use FMOD Integration 2.02


When the asset bundle import mode is selected, the resulting text assets are just stubs that get swapped in for the real banks at build time. More info can be found here in the docs.
It doesn’t seem like you are doing anything incorrectly; that does seem like a long build time but I am not sure there’s much you can do about it currently. How many banks do you have and how many events would you say are in them on average?

Thanks for your reply!

At the moment, we have 32 banks containing about 10-20 events each.

14 of them are Localized Audio Tables. We are about to add 8 languages or meaning 112 more banks. These banks must be built separately because they need to be independently downloaded (using the Unity Addressables system). And our content is expecting to grow.

Do real banks you’re mentioning above need to be reimported everytime we build ? Event when the stubs didn’t change? Would there be any way around that?