Audio pipeline implementation of FMod Studio with existing low-level Fmod API

Hi, I have been looking up on FMod Studio recently and my custom engine project (C++) already have low level Fmod API for basic audio functionalities.

I am trying to do the integration of FMod Studio integration but would like to know more about the audio pipeline, is there a preferred method to integrate FMod Studio API with my existing low level API.

For example:
Option 1) Do I create a separate class to wrap around the FMod Studio API and leave alone my existing audio class that wraps around the FMod low level API?

Option 2) Do I use my existing audio class to wrap around the FMod Studio API?

Another question would be that, I read that FMod Studio will create a new copy of the edited sound and store it in their own folder. Do I have to replace the old sound file with the edited sound file via manual drag and drop replace or is there some way to replace it after editing on live/non-live update.

It’s entirely up to you how you implement it, whatever works best for you.

If it is using a version of FMOD you are happy with and you have complete access to it then using the already integrated LowLevel may just be easier.

You could use our UE4 integration as a bit of a guide for a C++ integration.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean about FMOD Studio creating copies of sounds, the docs may have more info on this:

Thank you cameron!