Audio Quality Loss On Programmer Instrument

Hi there,

I am loading music and playing music dynamically via programmer instrument following the example

However, I noticed there’s a quality drop when I play the music via programmer instrument.

I tried several sound mode but to no avail. I would preferably use FMOD.MODE.ACCURATETIME
because users are allowed to scrub through music.

This is my fmod setttings

Any thoughts are appreciated, thank you.


What version of FMOD are you using?

What is the original format of the audio source? Maybe changing build settings for the target platform may help as well:

There may be some confusion about the FMOD.MODE as this will dictate how the sound is loaded rather than the quality and formatting that is used.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for checking in, turns out the programmer instrument has mono channel (in and out ). I set it to Stereo and it apparently already better.

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Good to hear the problem is solved and thank you for sharing the solution!