Automate the range of a parameter with another parameter?

Hi all,

Here’s a simplified explanation of what I’m trying to do:

I have an EQ with the X-High control tied to the parameter Intensity

In section A of the timeline I’d like the Intensity parameter to control X-High between the ranges of 500Hz to 2Khz
In section B of the timeline I’d like the Intensity parameter to now control X-High between the ranges of 1Khz to 2Khz
In section C etc etc
I have a bunch of sections

The only way I can think of doing this is having a separate EQ plug for each section of the timeline, but this seems really inefficient and trying to make a smooth shift between different EQs seems nigh-on impossible.

What I’ve written in the title would be the ideal solution, but as far as I’m aware that’s not possible in FMOD?

I’d be very grateful if someone has a better solution!

At present, the “Built-in: Distance (Normalized)” parameter type is the only parameter type whose range can be automated. Unfortunately, the fact that its value is automatically updated based on the distance between the event and the listener probably rules out its being used for most purposes.

I can see how a user parameter with automateable range would be useful, so I’ll add this idea to our feature and improvement tracker for future development.

In the mean time, I’m afraid the only option is to use a workaround, such as the one you suggested, or of using automated send values to crossfade between different routing paths, each with its own effect automation.