Bad UI on high resolution (1920x1080)

Hello and good day.

As you can see, I have a little issue with the UI when a sender is associated within a channel, actually I’m using the latest version, I read from others that this could be happening because the monitor resolution, but in my case I have a high resolution monitor (not 4K, but it’s functional).

I notice this only happens in the current 2.x.x, previously version don’t shows nothing like the issue showed on the image above, it could be possible to implement some resize width drag or some other method to avoid this kind of issue?.

I know that all the related UI showed (speaking about senders) can be manipulated on the lower section, but in practice, that could be in some cases uncomfortable or annoying, because, which are the purpose to add controllers in areas that can be reached for manipulation?.

I appreciate your time to reading this, I hope this helps you to make it to made this app more UX comfortable, because, in my humble opinion, this software it’s the most reliable tool at the moment to produce an excellent sound design.

Kind regards.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This isn’t related to the resolution of the screen or window but due to using the “Compact” strips. You can change this by clicking View > Show Compact Strips. We are working on making this UI better in a future release.