UI Scaling Bug


When I try to use Mixer or Snapshots windows, UI scaling doesn’t work properly - knobs and other titles are moving out their places. And I can’t properly change the size of windows - their borders just moving out the screen, and I can’t drag them. This issue appears only on my low-resolution screen (1360x768). Is there any possibility to fix this?

Issue's screenshot

And the second question: is there any possibility to change speed of track depending on the game parameters? For example, when in game there is explosion, and we change speed of the game to make slo-mo effect, we need to not only change pitch of the music, but it’s speed too. I didn’t find any speed-related parameters.

As of the time of writing (February of 2017), the minimum vertical resolution supported by FMOD Studio is 900. As you have observed, the UI can not be displayed correctly at vertical resolutions lower than this minimum.

Unfortunately, while this issue is on our feature/improvement tracker, no fix has been scheduled at this time. We recommend adjusting the resolution of your existing monitor to a higher setting, upgrading to a larger monitor, rotating your display if your device supports display rotation, or using an external monitor. Note that even on a laptop it is usually possible to set your resolution to a greater value than the screen supports, though the methods available for doing this and the method of displaying the larger resolution screen image vary depending on model and operating system.

If you want the speed of the timeline to change as the pitch changes, use the event’s pitch control rather than the pitch control of individual sound modules. Event pitch is found in the event macro controls, which are displayed at the right end of the deck when the event’s master track is selected.

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