Bank stopped reflecting any changes in Unreal

Having an issue with one specific bank that is no longer updating when banks are reloaded in Unreal. Any changes to the event (volume etc) or adding new audio doesn’t get reflected. This is only an issue with one specific bank, all others are behaving as expected.

additionally, have found that changes are being reflected when you run the game, but are not reflected inside of the editor (from within an animation for example) New events aren’t working in either case.

Tried deleting the local bank file and rebuilding and same issue. No issues with version control, it is getting checked out as expected. We have been working with this bank for a while without issues.

Have been able to reproduce this with 3 other systems – It’s behaving like this one bank is corrupt in some way.

The only workaround I can find is to just create an entirely new bank and move the events to that new bank, however I’d like to get to the bottom of this to prevent issues down the road.

FMOD Studio Version 2.01.07
Unreal Version 4.25.3+

Are you able to share the FMOD Studio project that this is happening in? I’m not able to reproduce it on our machines. As you mentioned, this could be just this one bank that is somehow corrupted.

Thanks for looking into this – I need to confirm with our client if we can share the project (would you need assets?)

Some updates over the last couple days. This problem began happening on another bank – but we were able to do some things to get it to begin behaving normally. We’re trying to have exact repro for fixing the issue to help narrow down what’s causing it – but the nature of this issue makes it hard – but here’s what seemed to happen with this second bank.

-Bank was behaving normally (could create a new event, build, all works as expected)
-Duplicating an event would result in the new event not playing in editor and old events not updating with changes (seemingly corrupted)
-Created a new event (not duplicated, but by just adding a new event) built the bank – and this seemed to snap the bank back to working correctly (could then delete the new dummy event, although we did have to open and close unreal as opposed to just reloading banks)

These steps (or variations of them) did not resolve the issue on the first bank in question.

While making a new bank resolves the issue and isn’t a big deal because we are currently loading all banks – as we optimize more and begin to only load necessary banks in some levels, this could create additional issues with losing references for those banks.

Let me know if you have any insight, thanks for your help!

Unfortunately the reproduction of this issue appears to be very hit or miss based on what you have written. It would be best to provide the project (including assets is preferable since it could be related to a wonky asset) if you can, please.