Simplest form of source control for Fmod project


Please forgive me… I know that this has been asked a few times before, and I’ve taken a look at those posts as well as the docs, but I am still a bit lost unfortunately. I am hoping that someone can take a few minutes to slowly walk me through this.

My team is using Unity Collaborate for source control, and we want to continue to do so for its simplicity and convenience (despite its shortcomings). We are going to be adding in Fmod to the project in the coming weeks, and this is the situation:

  • A total of two people need access to the Fmod project: myself and the sound designer. This means being able to open it up in Fmod to view parameters and such, make changes, and share those.
  • Naturally, the Unity project itself needs to have the updated versions of all “sounds” in the game (so basically the banks from what I understand)

Given that I do not wish to stop using Collaborate, and that Collaborate constrains you to syncing only the assets folder, I am wondering if it is possible to use some form of source control (the simpler the better) just for the Fmod project itself, and then publish the updated banks through Collaborate for the entire team.

As you can tell, I am very much in the novice category both when it comes to Fmod, and source control in general, so I would be very appreciative of some help :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!


Yes, this is possible.

Put your FMOD Studio project somewhere outside of your Unity project’s Assets folder. Then, in the “build” tab of FMOD Studio’s preferences window, set your project’s built banks output directory to your Unity project’s assets folder; this ensures that when FMOD Studio builds your banks, it deposits them in that folder. Finally, use the FMOD Studio source control integration of your choice to add your FMOD Studio project to a source control repository.

Sounds reasonable enough. I’ll give that a try, thanks!