Beat Syncing

I used to be able to beat-sync entire tracks together in FMOD Designer so that they would transition in parallel measures (e.g. BGM 1 measure 16 transitions to BGM 2 measure 16)…I’m struggling here a bit with the new process/interface. How this is managed in Studio?

The effect I’m looking to get is the same as shown here:

I know I can transition to the beginning of an audio asset, but how do I transition to a corresponding location between two tracks within a shared timeline?


If you add a Tempo Marker to your event, to denote the BPM and time signature, you should be able to transition away from your track using a Transition Region. If you click the Transition Region, you’ll see there is a Quantization panel in the deck which you can use to transition on beats. You’ll also want to add a Parameter Condition (using the ‘+’ icon in the Logic panel) so that the transition is decided upon by a game parameter.

If you look at the ‘Music’ event in the Example project, you’ll see that it uses a Transition Region to transition back to the ‘Start’ marker on every 2nd bar, when the ‘Progression’ parameter is between 0 and 0.16.