Best way for volume attenuation in 2d

I’ve been looking in the forum but I can found the real answer.
Maybe it is a very simple question, I am very new in Fmod.
The game is in 2d and the developer wants all the sounds attenuated far of the character because all the sounds in the screen sound with the same intensity.
What is the best way for do that? Is it always necessary?
I have the 3d panel but I think it’s not necessary for 2d. I put an event with a distance parameter with automation of volume attenuation.
Maybe is a best way the distance filter?
Thanks for your help in advance!

Hi Ivan,
If your sounds are 2D you should just delete your 3d panner. This can be done by clicking on an event’s master track, look down at the effect deck, select the 3d panner, and hit DEL key to delete it.

To attenuate events, look at the mixer window. You can put your character sounds into 1 group bus, then lower the volume of the group bus in the mixer view.

You can also just turn the volume dials in the fader in the event if you want, or the dial on the tracks.

Do you want the volume to change based on game logic? You could right click a fader dial and do ‘add automation’ if you want to link it to a game parameter. You would have to create a parameter for this in the event first.