FMOD Unity Integration Updates

whats the best way to update FMOD in Unity? delete FMOD and Resonance?

Hi Paula,

You just need to delete the FMOD Studio dlls and bundles files to update. I’ll paste the documentation to give a bit more info:

  1. Quit Unity Editor
  2. Delete the files for your platform (see below).
  3. Re-Open the Unity project. There will be errors due to the missing files. These can be ignored for the time being
  4. Install the UnityPackage.
  5. Quit the Editor
  6. Re-Open the Unity Project.

Files to be Deleted:

On Windows 32bit:

  • Assets\Plugins\x86\fmodl.dll
  • Assets\Plugins\x86\fmodstudiol.dll

On Windows 64bit:

  • Assets\Plugins\x86_64\fmodl.dll
  • Assets\Plugins\x86_64\fmodstudiol.dll


  • Assets\Plugins\fmodl.bundle
  • Assets\Plugins\fmodstudiol.bundle