Blueprint setup for door sounds ?

I have a BP actor “door” where I need to have start sound, movement sound, stop sound and re-trigger sound (when door gets blocked and rolls back, this sound would play).

What would general BP setup look like ?

Would I just make short, non-looping sounds for start and stop and re-trigger sounds and simply let them play till they finish while playing looped movement sound?

How would I stop / cut looping movement sound in BP ? (this way I can use same movement sound for tall doors and for small hatches)

Thanks beforehand

There are a few ways you could set up your doors, it all depends on what is going to fit best with your event/s in FMOD Studio.
Generally you will want to have a FMODAudio Component, this will remove the need to create an instance, that you can then control ( eg. play, stop, set parameter, set property).

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