Bug: Dragging faders while window is positioned on a secondary monitor doesn't work

Using two monitors with different resolutions (1440p / 4K), attempting to manipulate a fader on the secondary monitor doesn’t work correctly. Clicking to start dragging the fader immediately snaps the fader to its max value; it can’t be dragged down, and releasing the mouse button snaps the cursor to some other part of the screen.

Seems like the UI is being drawn or scaled separately from where the controls actually are. This makes the program effectively unusable in a two-monitor setup unless you’re only using the second monitor interface to type, rename, etc—nothing involving the mouse.

See attached GIF.

I’ve been testing this on a few different setups (1080p + 720p, 1080p + 4k) but I’m unable to replicate this issue. Could you please let me know if you have any DPI scaling settings enabled on your monitors? A screenshot of your monitor settings would really help.

Thanks Richard! Yeah, this might be the culprit: