Bug on Master Bus with Loudness Meter

Hi! There is a bug with the Loudness Meter when it is located on the master. Ver. 2.02.06-2.02.11.
Create a fresh project and create a new bus inside the master bus. Place a Loudness Meter on both. Play the event so that it goes through both buses. The scores will vary. The difference is in the master.
At random, I found out that if you delete the reverb send channel, the problem disappears. And if you create a new send channel instead of it, the problem does not appear. It turns out that only the send channel created by default has an unauthorized effect on the master.

Rather than being a bug, it sounds like this is happening because you’re sending a signal to the return bus from a send located elsewhere in your project. This signal is processed by the reverb effect on the return bus, then routed into the master bus where it is mixed with the signals from other parts of your project.