Bug Report : Async Seek speed bug on 2.02.15

I have created an asynchronous seek speed preset parameter for smooth volume changes on tracks, which I can use with certain parameters. In this picture, it is linked to the “InCombat” parameter.
seek speed
In version 2.02.07, it works perfectly when I change the “InCombat” value; the orange point on the left moves. However, in version 2.02.15, it does not move. I would like to report this issue. For now, I will stay on version .07. Is this a known issue? Thank you in advance.

Hmm… It seems to work when I test it here. I must be doing something differently to you. Are you able to send us a project that exhibits the issue?

Hello, here is a project that exhibits the issue and a short video recording the differences between versions. With version 2.02.15, I’m able to automate a global Parameter(SeekSpeedGlobal) to another global parameter (InCombat) with seekspeed working as intended, however automating a local parameter (SeekSpeedLocal) doesnt work anymore. It used to be functionnal in version 07 as shown in the video.

Thank you for your help

Thanks for the report! The fact that it was a local parameter automated on a global parameter was what I needed to reproduce the bug. In fact, it looks like the presence or absence of seek speed is unrelated: A local parameter automated on a global parameter will not have its value set properly, regardless of whether it has seek speed.

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention! I’ve added it to our bug tracker to be fixed in an upcoming version of FMOD Studio. In the mean time, it looks like it was introduced in version 2.02.14, so you should be able to avoid it by using earlier versions.

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