Bugs with IL2CPP builds


I’m trying to do an XCode IL2CPP build, and it’s failing with this :

[ ] Require frontend run. artifacts/tundra.dag.json does not exist yet
[ 0s] Executed build program. Created build graph with 3 nodes.
[ 0s] Freezing tundra.dag.json into .dag (.dag file didn’t exist)
[BUSY 6s] Il2Cpp /Volumes/Ext1/Work/Mudloop/Unity/Games/Sunblaze/MacVersion/Sunblaze2020v2/Library/Il2cppBuildCache/macOS/XcodeProject/il2cppOutput
[0/3 15s] Il2Cpp /Volumes/Ext1/Work/Mudloop/Unity/Games/Sunblaze/MacVersion/Sunblaze2020v2/Library/Il2cppBuildCache/macOS/XcodeProject/il2cppOutput
[1/3 0s] Copy Additional C++ File /Volumes/Ext1/Work/Mudloop/Unity/Games/Sunblaze/MacVersion/Sunblaze2020v2/Library/Il2cppBuildCache/macOS/XcodeProject/il2cppOutput/fmod_register_static_plugins.cpp" --additional-cpp
cp “/Volumes/Ext1/Work/Mudloop/Unity/Games/Sunblaze/Repository/Sunblaze/Temp/fmod_register_static_plugins.cpp” --additional-cpp" “/Volumes/Ext1/Work/Mudloop/Unity/Games/Sunblaze/MacVersion/Sunblaze2020v2/Library/Il2cppBuildCache/macOS/XcodeProject/il2cppOutput/fmod_register_static_plugins.cpp” --additional-cpp"

It’s trying to copy FMOD files from a different version of the project (the repo version instead of the copy I’m working on for testing).

After some digging, I found out I can make the error disappear by adding :

PlayerSettings.SetAdditionalIl2CppArgs ("");

to PreprocessStaticPlugins in the else for if(platform.SupportsAdditionalCPP(target)).

So basically, there are leftover arguments from an older build attempt that shouldn’t be there (I think).

After doing this, it does build the XCode project, but within XCode I get this error :

Undefined symbols for architecture arm64:
“_FMOD_Unity_RegisterStaticPlugins”, referenced from:
_Platform_FMOD_Unity_RegisterStaticPlugins_m60DD98D44188F595FE6C6D0BE621435FD6A79A45 in 150DA1F9765F66E285D90CC59F90FF0D.o
(maybe you meant: _Platform_FMOD_Unity_RegisterStaticPlugins_m60DD98D44188F595FE6C6D0BE621435FD6A79A45)
ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

Any ideas how I can solve this? There is some urgency to this. Thanks!

Many issues surrounding static plugin handling were corrected with 2.01.09, please update and test again.