StaticPluginManager class was not found in iOS build

Hey there,

we’ve stumbled across this issue and tried to work out a solution for a while now with no success. We’re basically trying to run our game on iOS and the whole building process goes through just fine. Once inside the build, FMOD always encounters this error (Unity console as seen inside Xcode at runtime):

FMOD: 3 static plugins specified, but the FMODUnity.StaticPluginManager class was not found.
FMODUnity.Platform:LoadStaticPlugins(System, Action`2)

It’s not finding the StaticPluginManager class even though the RegisterStaticPlugins.cs file gets generated correctly.

We’re using FMOD version 2.02.03, Unity version 2021.2.18f1 and Xcode version 13.3.1.

Thanks in advance,

I have not been able to reproduce any issues here, it looks ENABLE_IL2CPP is not defined for some reason, which doesn’t make sense since iOS has to be built with IL2CPP. Perhaps go into your player settings and make sure your player settings for the Standalone and iOS are set to IL2CPP? Switching platform back and fourth between Standalone and iOS might help too?