Build Bank Error, FMOD Studio 1.07.03

Hi guys, I just sent an email regarding an issue about a fail error when building banks.
But I ran across some more information that might be pertinent to debugging.

Original issue was that I copied my working folder to an external drive, took it home and worked on some stuff over the weekend. I copied that back to my work box and received the build bank error.

What I failed to relay, and have confirmed this, is that I cleaned up a duplicate named event prior to building the bank.

If I don’t delete these files and build, I get the following:

This project contains events with duplicate paths:
event:/Default/GasTrack/External/Engine - {165ce2c3-0610-4555-829f-33784c810bd9} {59d443a8-d551-4ffe-8fdf-4d8069834823}
event:/Default/GasTrack/External/Move - {3e222877-3680-4338-b4b1-7f32a2495769} {ffc18bf2-3435-4965-882d-3cff0c6de440}
event:/Default/GasWheel/External/Engine - {6b13ec7c-fd43-4f4f-a170-7ba27e3ff01e} {8c63de9b-65dd-4e84-ac5c-b5d6feb42e1e}

When I delete these references, I get the failed bank build error.

Thanks for the additional information. It appears there is a bug in Studio that after resolving the duplicate paths issue the internal state is not updated correctly. This only happens if the build went ahead after the initial warning. We are investigating the issue and in the meantime, you can work around it by saving and reloading the project after the resolution of the duplicate paths.

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This bug has been resolved. The fix will be in the next minor release of FMOD Studio, version 1.07.05, due for release at the end of the month.

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