Build output directory being changed with source control commit


We are 3 sound designers in my team, working on the same fmod project. We found out that when someone is pushing his version of the fmod session, it automatically sets up his absolute local path for the built banks output directory as the new path for everyone on the repository. It is pretty anoying because everytime you’re pulling a new commit, you have to think about reseting your own local path as the output directory for the built bank, and it is a very easy thing to forget.

We thought about adding the file containing this data to the ignore file in the source control. But I can’t find such a file. Is this something possible? I searched into project folder, since this data seems to be relative to project.

Thanks !


Unfortunately, this is not a preference that can be ignored. In our documentation (FMOD Studio | Souce Control) the Built bank output directory has to be the same for everyone collaborating on the project.

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