Relative path for banks output directory

Is there any way to assign the banks output directory to a relative path instead of an absolute one? My goal is to move the Studio project into the same repository as our game engine, and output to a relative path would help a lot in our file organization, since the repository will be in different folders for different computers. If there is no way currently, consider this a feature request!

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. The behaviour can definitely be changed for the next patch release. I am not sure how useful would this be considering the Build Output Directory is a user settings and has to be set on each computer. Would you still be beneficial to specify a relative path instead of an absolute path?

Oh! I wasn’t aware this was a user-side setting, in that case never mind. I was assuming it was a project setting. I do think that would be useful as a project setting, much like an output directory for Visual Studio or something like that. But for now I’ll just demonstrate to our sound designer what to set the output directory to on his end. Thanks!