Build stuck on "Importing Assets"

Hi there,

I am having issue building my unity project either for Mac or WebGL. Each time it always get stuck on “importing assets” with no error messages. Then Unity will crash, and I will have to force close the application from Mac’s Task Manager as Unity stop responding.

The project itself is 8.53 GB, and no gigantic assets as far as I can tell. I have implemented audio via FMOD (it’s my first time using FMOD so I am wondering if there’s some setting that is off).

Unity: 2022.3.117f1
FMOD: 2.02.21
MacOS: Big Sur 11.7.2

Would highly appreciate if anyone can point directions. Many thanks.

Can you check the Unity editor logs for any errors, for Mac the default location is ~/.config/unity3d/Editor.log, otherwise from the crash logs.