Cannot play event using path (StreamingAssets folder empty?) Unity/Perforce

Hello! I am trying to play an event from code, but if I use the path of the event (copied from the browser) it throws an FMOD Event not found exception. It does work using GUID or an event emitter component, but I would rather use paths if possible. This happens on all events I’ve tested it on, as well as the master bus.

From researching it seems this may have to do with my Assets/StreamingAssets folder being empty - I have tried deleting it, refreshing banks, changing my Fmod settings and rebuilding etc and it does not generate any files in the StreamingAssets folder. However, my bank is updating, as I am able to see new events in the inspector. I have previously run into a few issues due to using Perforce, but I am unsure if this are related. I also used this fix for a separate issue but reverting it didn’t do anything. Any help would be appreciated!

I am using the Perforce integration, Unity 2021.3.4f1, FMOD 2.02.07, and FMOD Unity integration 2.02.07.


Have you got your file loaded? Without it, you aren’t able to load in events from code. An explanation of this can be found under What Building Creates. Different ways of loading in banks and events are explained here: Scripting API Reference.

Hope this helps!