Profiler only showing 30seconds of session in timeline

Hello! My first post here…
I’ve been trying to find an answer to a problem that I’ve had since I started using the profiler (a couple of weeks a ago) with no luck.

So I connect to the game successfully with and can record with the profiler. For some reason when my sessions are longer than 30 seconds, the timeline does not let you see the graphs after 30 seconds. I can neither zoom out the session entirely or see the cursor once it goes later than 30 seconds in the session.

Please see picture

Is it supposed to be like this?
I would like to record a whole game session and be able to see everything from beginning to end. Any thoughts / ideas on how to solve this issue?

It is behaving the same way both in Mac and PC.
Thank you so much!

We’re aware of this bug. In fact, we’ve already fixed it in our recent releases; If you download FMOD Studio version 1.08.16 or 1.09.01, you’ll find that you can scroll and zoom normally.

Thanks for reporting this issue!


How wonderful to hear! I will try it out asap!

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