Can't record FMOD audio when screen recording with OBS

Hello! I’ve been try to screen record FMOD but I can’t get OBS to record the audio from FMOD. How do I do it?

Do you mean FMOD Studio? Check what audio device Studio has been set to output as. OBS cannot capture ASIO for example.

But… I do capture ASIO with OBS …
Screenshot 2023-11-28 154531

And I’m having the same difficulty…

Ok! I figured it out finally, at least on my system (Win 10). Posting here as note to self in case I forget, and in case it helps anyone else :smiley:

First I set up as shown in this video:
“Audio: From REAPER to OBS - Music & Voice on separate tracks” by Tormy Van Cool

  • note, after watching that video, he has also added an video updating for later version of OBS*

The above works great for Reaper to OBS, but to make the same OBS setup work for FMOD, I had to change FMOD from ASIO to WASAPI for some reason.

And then instead of ASIO Input Capture (ie, to get the audio from the Reaper via Rearoute 1 and 2), I replaced that input with Audio Output Capture.

Note, I still kept the mic exactly as shown in the video (ie, using Asio Input Capture, set to OBS Channel 3.

Screenshots to help clarify:




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