Record FMOD output and replay it afterwards


I’m trying to record the ingame sound, be able to replay the recording afterwards and also store it in a .wav file (the latter is optional for now). Basically I want the player to do stuff in the game that produces sound effects and record that, so that they can listen to it later again.

I’m not really sure where to begin here. I’ve looked into the record.cpp example, but that seems to record microphones and not the FMOD output. Then I found this answer, but I’m not even creating the low level system myself, so I guess that’s not an option?

Can anyone point me into the right direction? :slight_smile: I’m on 1.08 with UE4.13.


Using the wave-writer output mode as suggested in the link replaces the regular output to the audio device so it you won’t be able listen and capture at the same time.

If you don’t need to listen and capture, you can implement wave-writer output by editing the source code of the integration.

If you want to capture audio and while it’s playing to the device, I would suggest writing a custom DSP filter that passes through the audio unmodified while also copying it into a buffer.

That buffer can than be written out as a wave easily. Or you could create an in-memory raw sound object and play it back using playSound() function.

If you download the full Windows SDK, you’ll find the dsp_custom example and the user_created_sound example which will help you.

Thanks! Yeah, I need to capture the audio while it’s playing, so I’m going to try the DSP filter and see if I can get it working. :slight_smile: