Can't set conditions of the built in speed parameter?

I’m very curious to discover how awesome this is. Particularly because I’m working on a racing game with fast moving metal lol.

I know it’s not the smoothest way of achieving this, but just to give it a test, I created a multi instrument with varying wind intensities, and was hoping to set conditions of the built in speed parameter to play the increased wind intensities as the object speeds up, but the built in speed parameter doesn’t show up in the list of parameters to choose from.

I think i’m misunderstanding how to use it lol.

Thanks so much for all your help. I can’t stress enough how appreciative I am.

In order to use a parameter as a parameter condition, you must first create that parameter as a preset parameter. This is true even for built-in parameter types, in order to support (for example) creating multiple different speed parameters with different ranges, for use in different parts of your project.

You can add a new preset parameter to your project by using the “New Parameter” button that appears at the bottom of the “Select Parameter” menu shown in your screenshot. This button causes the “Add Parameter” dialog to appear. To ensure the newly created preset parameter is a speed (absolute) parameter, click on the add parameter dialog’s parameter type dropdown menu, and select “speed (absolute).”

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Ur a god Joseph :slight_smile: