Celeste crashing on startup (Epic Games version)

I am new to FMOD, and I’m willing to use the Live Update to give an in-depth look at the cool sound design in this awesome game :slight_smile:

I am running the Epic Games Store version of the game (and I guess that’s the problem in fact, but I don’t know what I can do with it), and I followed the Celeste Getting Started Guide step by step.

Everything works fine until I run the game. The first screen (Matt Makes Games) appears, freezes instantly, the game crashes and I’m back to desktop. Notepad opens and gives me that error :

12/09/2019 17:53:55
System.Exception: FMOD Failed: ERR_VERSION
à Celeste.Audio.CheckFmod(RESULT result) dans C:\Projects\C#\Celeste\Celeste\Celeste\Static\Audio.cs:ligne 108
à Celeste.Audio.Banks.Load(String name, Boolean loadStrings) dans C:\Projects\C#\Celeste\Celeste\Celeste\Static\Audio.cs:ligne 675
à Celeste.GameLoader.LoadThread() dans C:\Projects\C#\Celeste\Celeste\Celeste\Scenes\GameLoader.cs:ligne 64
à Celeste.RunThread.RunThreadWithLogging(Action method) dans C:\Projects\C#\Celeste\Celeste\Celeste\Static\RunThread.cs:ligne 33

Any idea on how I can fix that ? Thanks !

From the looks of the error, the FMOD Studio dlls and the built banks don’t match.

Please ensure you’re using FMOD Studio version 1.10 to build your banks.

Yesterday I tried the same and I got the same error. If you keep the original Desktop folder and build the banks through the project you get from here and compare the two results, you will notice differences both in number and in naming convention between the default banks and the ones you build through the FMOD project downloaded from here. To be more specific, 2 default banks have the word “DLC” in it, which is never mentioned in the banks from the FMOD learning project. Also, the default banks have 1 more bank (probably a DLC one).

Now, to be fair, I’m a complete noob and I started studying FMOD daily this very week (which also entails that all my software must be the latest) and that’s just what I assumed and I hope this information helps! The best would be if I was totally wrong and there is still a way to make it work :slight_smile:

On the other hand, if if turns out that I was right, I believe FMOD should consider editing the Celeste learning page in order to avoid confusion.



ps: I still have to try that specific version of FMOD and I will. I’ll come back with news!

Ok I have tried building the banks with FMOD 1.10.10 and it gives me the same error message at launch with the latest build. I am attaching the error log and a screenshot showing the discrepancies between the folders. HOWEVER… the solution is to build the banks and then add the 2 DLC banks from the default folder to the new one! If you respect these steps, the game will work and FMOD will connect!

You might consider adding the DLC banks step in the learning page :slight_smile:!

Folders mismatch

error_log.txt (2.9 KB)

Which version of 1.10? I’m having the same issue with the newest versions of both FMOD and Celeste.

Any version of 1.10 should work. Have you ensured you have the DLC banks included in Celeste’s banks folder?