Change attenuation shape / change attenuation settings

Hi, in the standard ue4 audio plugin you can change the attenuation shape to something like box, capsule, etc. But in the fmod integration there seems only the sphere to be available. Is there any way to change the shape or is there some kind of work-around?
I tried to follow this guide:
But I can’t change the attenuation settings either to use a custom sound attenuation class.

As far as I’m aware, there is no way to change the attenuation shape.

A workaround might be to have a trigger zone with the FMOD event attached as a component and play it on component overlap begin and stop on overlap end. You will still have control of attenuation by distance from the FMOD event, but it will still be a sphere shaped attenuation.

What exactly are you trying to do?


Thanks for the answer.
The question I asked here drifted a bit away from my original concern.
What I was originally wondering about was if it’s possible to have a sound source that comes not from a point but from a plain/area. Like when you have a sound for water or air, you don’t have one point where the sound is originating from but the sound is coming from that whole area having always the same volume, as long as it’s not occluded by a wall, etc.
I think “volumetric audio” is basically what I’m searching for.
And I could obviously simply turn the sound on and off with trigger volumes or with some custom blueprint but then you only have either sound on or sound off but no proper attenuation.
This is basically what I would like to do:

At the moment there isn’t a way to do this by default with FMOD, you will have to create a system in game to do this.

For a simple example of a river: have an event that follows the position of the player, but only moves along the path of the river, can give a similar effect.

Ah thanks for the reply, I didn’t see it.
I thought about something like that too. I guess that’s what I will have to do…