Compressing using Resonance

Hey, i’m kinda new to FMOD and I’ve been struggling on something for the past few days.
So i got two buses, one for events that i want to compress, and the other one for the ones I don’t want to compress.
I’m using Resonance so I have to put a Resonance listener on the master bus, but by doing that, all effects between the source and the listener are bypassed. I can’t find a way to organize my routing correctly. I tried many differents ways of organizing it, creating sub-buses, but I always end up with the same problem.
If someone have an idea…Thanks !

Unfortunately, the thing you are trying to do is impossible, as the Resonance effects are not compatible with the kind of bus-based compression you’re trying to use.

As you have discovered, the resonance listener effect bypasses normal routing, as the signal “teleports” directly from your project’s Resonance Audio Soundfield and Resonance Audio Source effects to its Resonance Audio Listener effect. This makes it impossible to route the output of different events into different buses, as every event with a Soundfield or Source effect sends its output to the same Listener effect.

If your game project’s requirements permit you to use the Resonance Audio Source or Soundfield effects in only some of your project’s events, you may be able to work around this issue, as events without those plugins will be routed normally; otherwise you will have to contact the developers of Resonance Audio and request that they alter the plug-in to allow the signals of different Soundfield and Source effects to be sent to different Listener effects.

Okay, that’s what I thought, one solution could be to have multiple Resonance listeners in order to organize the routing differently, but from what’s I saw and tested, It seems to be impossible too.

Thanks for the answer