Google Resonance - narrows stero field of all sounds when on master


When I place the Google Resonance Audio Listner on my master as recommended in the documentation the stereo field of all events that doesn’t use resonance is narrowed.

E.g. if I have a 2D sound that is panned hard to the left, I hear it in the right speaker when the Resonance Listener is on the master (even when it is bypassed). If I delete the Listener the sound is only heard in the left speaker as expected.

I know the Listener can be place on a mixer group, but that makes my project messy and breaks our implementation for pause menu, so would be really nice with a fix for this.

Nikolaj de Haan

The behaviour you’re describing is definitely strange - with a Resonance Audio Listener effect on the Master, you shouldn’t be able to hear any sounds besides those that are passed through a Resonance Audio Source before that point. What version of FMOD Studio are you using? Do you have a return with non-Resonance audio placed after the Resonance Listener?

So I found out if an event outputs stereo or mono it does pass through the Resonance Listener, but if it outputs e.g. 5.1 it does not. Is this intentional?
I am actually utilizing it at the moment, so I have some events where one track is spatialized with Resonance, but other tracks are played as 2D sounds.
If the Resonance Audio Listener blocked all non-Resonance sounds, I wouldn’t be able to do this :thinking:

After a chat with the dev team, I can confirm this is intentional - if the Resonance Listener has a stereo (or mono) input, it will simply mix the stereo input on top of the binaural signal it is producing. If it receives more than 2 channels (i.e. 5.1), then it will discard the signal.

As for the stereo panning issue, it’s likely that your output mode is set to “Headphones”, which would creating a bus panner on the master bus that doesn’t pan each stereo channel completely separately by default:


To fix this, you can either adjust the “Width” value to 180 degrees, or right click on the “Out” meter and change the output to Stereo instead of Headphones.