Crash Fmod + UnitySound on XboxOne

I have problem with FMOD (1.10.07) when try to use it on XboxOne (with os 10.0.17134.4056, June 2018) with Unity Audio (2017.4.3f1). FMOD properly works when Unity Audio disabled.

We are use Unity Audio just for playing cutscene videos.

Unfortunately there currently isn’t a way around this, if the Unity Audio isn’t disabled it will allocate all the XMA resources before the FMOD Integration has a chance to initialize. The same would happen if our Integration were to initialize first, we would allocate all the XMA resources and the Unity Audio would not be able to initialize.

What would be a possible solution to this problem? Is there any way to synchronize audio with muted video using FMOD (by playing track separately).

You will need to keep them in sync manually because the audio and the video will be running on different clocks. Normally you will want to sync the video to the audio so that the audio doesn’t drop any frames.

There are some callbacks you can use to help determine when the event starts playing and you can also get the current timeline position of the playing event.