Crash in handleEventPositionChange

(Tom Spilman) #1

We’re getting a crash on PS4 and the top of the callstack looks like this:

libfmodstudio.prx!FMOD::BusInstance::handleEventPositionChange(FMOD_DSP_PARAMETER_3DATTRIBUTES const&, FMOD_DSP_PARAMETER_3DATTRIBUTES_MULTI const&)+0x14 [c:\jk\workspace\Build__1.9__API_Orbis\studio_api\platforms\orbis\vs2012/…\lowlevel_api\src/fmod_array.h:690]

Any hint as to what is occurring on that line of code that could point us at the cause of this crash?

(Brett Paterson) #2

hi, for console sensitive questions please write to